Margaret ATwood

Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 7:15 PM

Dr. Karma Waltonen speaks about the life and work of Margaret Atwood


Karma Waltonen has been teaching at UC Davis since 2000. The President of the Margaret Atwood Society and current editor of the peer-reviewed journal Margaret Atwood Studies, Dr. Karma (as her students call her) has a wide variety of interests, most of which are incredibly nerdy/geeky. For example, she has two books on The Simpsons, both co-authored with Denise Du Vernay. Recently, she has published on time travel in Star Trek and on the ethics of religious cults in Doctor Who and on asexuality in Sherlock and on postmodernism in The X-Files. She and Melissa Bender (also in the UWP) co-edited a collection on innovative writing assignments, and their textbook on evaluating and ethically using sources is due out in a couple of months. Service to the university includes administering the Upper Division Composition Exam, working extensively with the Campus Book Project, mentoring in the Guardian Scholars Program, and giving special lectures for the STEP program. She also speaks at various ComicCons and at international conferences.

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